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Pavement Markings Optimized for People and Machines

Pavement markings to help you build the safer roads of tomorrow, starting today.

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A head-on image of a black car whose right half shows a machine vision interpretation of speed and lane-keeping.
Redefine the Line

Advanced driver-assistance is here. It’s time to visually optimize your roads with the next generation of pavement markings.

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Introducing our newest pavement marking product

We’re excited to announce 3M™ Connected Roads All Weather Elements. This high-performing, long-lasting marking is designed to support Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keeping Systems—technologies that could help reduce crashes and help keep all drivers and passengers safe.

  • A close-up view of a tire driving past a white pavement marking on a highway.

    3M™ Connected Roads All Weather Elements

    Our All Weather Elements are engineered with unique microcrystalline optics technology to deliver superior brightness, color and all-weather performance*- and developed to sustain stable performance over the years- all at an acceptable cost.

    • Combines continuous wet and long-lasting dry retroreflectivity 
    • Compatible with most liquid pavement marking binders
    • For new or maintenance marking applications
    • Installs with double-drop systems

    *Compared to previous generation of 3M™ All Weather Elements and several other commercially-available pavement marking optics.

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Interested in more information on the products?

Are you a transportation professional in the United States who’s interested in learning how to redefine the line with new 3M™ Connected Roads pavement markings? Click the “request a demo” link below and provide us with your information and one of our sales professionals will contact you within the next two business days.

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Resources for Pavement Markings

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  • 3M Transportation Safety Road Show
  • Safety Initiatives and Funding
  • Current Customers: Make a Purchase
    Already a 3M customer? Log into our bCom portal to purchase.
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