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Key Features

The difference between protection and dedication. What’s really protecting your workers from noise-induced hearing loss? Years of commitment to hearing protection by the dedicated scientists and researchers from 3M Hearing Protection.

Click here if you are looking for more information on 3M Hearing Protection solutions.

Help me choose

Let us help yolu find the right hearing protection for your needs.

  • Noise Reduction Rating
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    The NRR is a single number method that describes the overall sound level reduction across frequencies (attenuation) of a HPD in decibels (dB) based on a laboratory test. Since the NRR is a laboratory test it is recognized that it may overestimate the protection achieved by users in their workplace settings. Therefore, it is recommended that the NRR be de-rated in order to better estimate workplace protection. Use product filters below to select products available by decibel need.

  • Style

    Plastic cups attached to an adjustable headband cover the ears to help block out sound. Soft, cushions seal against the side of the wearer’s head.

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안면부 여과식 방진마스크

3M은 세계 최초로 컵스타일의 안면부 여과식 방진마스크를 개발하여 호흡보호구의 혁신을 이루어 냈습니다. 신뢰할 수 있는 방진성능과 힘든 작업에서도 오래 지속되는 편안한 호흡은 3M의 약속입니다.

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