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Achieve superior cleaning and hygiene with Scrub Dots

  • Scrub Dots Non-Scratch rinses cleanly
    Repels messes and resists odour

    A special coating helps the sponge rinse clean under running water, preventing trapped dirt that is the cause of unpleasant odours.

  • Scrub Dots Non-Scratch clears egg off plate
    Cleans messes without scratching

    Scrub sticky egg, cheese or curry stains cleanly with ease. Unique abrasive dots cut through dirt effectively without damaging your delicate tableware.

  • Antibacterial foam of Scrub Dots Non-Scratch sponge keeps germs and odour away
    Antibacterial foam prevents germs

    Scrub Dots' antibacterial foam keeps odour-causing germs from building up on the sponge for a more hygienic clean, every time.

  • Scrub Dots Non-Scratch sponge stays visibly clean with no stains after rinsing
    Resists stains and stays visibly clean

    No more unsightly marks - the special coating repels food particles, preventing stains on the sponge's surface for enhanced cleanliness.

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