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  • 3M Australia Pty Limited / 3M New Zealand Limited are excited to announce that the companies listed below are now ‘3M Preferred Fit Test Service Providers’ in the ANZ (Australia & New Zealand) region. 3M and these Fit Test Service Providers are working together to emphasise the importance of PPE fit and to help increase the availability of high-quality fit testing for 3M’s occupational personal protective equipment (PPE) customers. These Fit Test Service Providers are leading providers of onsite PPE supply, Occupational Hygiene services and occupational health solutions. 3M is a leading manufacturer of respiratory protection products, such as 9322A+ P2 respirators, other disposable, and reusable respirators, hearing protection products, safety eyewear and other PPE.

    3M provides its Preferred Fit Test Service Providers’ fit test professionals with additional training, knowledge checks, and practical assessments, complementing their own training programs. After completing the 3M training, the 3M Preferred Fit Test Service Providers’ fit test professionals earn the designation of 3M Preferred Fit Testers. Together, 3M and its Preferred Fit Test Service Providers are helping Australia and New Zealand’s’ employers and workers improve workplace safety, by helping to ensure that respirators, hearing protection devices and safety eyewear are worn correctly, and that respirator, hearing and eyewear fit testing is performed correctly.

    “The collaboration between 3M and its Preferred Fit Test Service Providers makes the most of the synergy between our companies, providing more solutions to a broader base of respirator users,” said Dr. Nikki McCullough, Global Vice President of Application Engineering and Regulatory Affairs for the Personal Safety Division at 3M. “Their experience and long-term commitment to safety and health made them the right choice. Our customers now have an additional solution for ensuring their fit-testing requirements follow AS/NZS 1715/ISO 16975-3 standards for respiratory protection and best practice international guidance for hearing protection and eyewear, which is a critical element to helping protect workers’ respiratory, hearing and eyewear health while on the job.”

  • 3M’s Preferred Fit Test Service Providers in Australia



     Onsite Safety​

    Sure Fit​

    Alliance Safety​

     Totally Workwear Cairns ​

     Eva & Associates ​


     Mask Fit ​


    Property Risk​

    HSE ​

  • 3M’s Preferred Fit Test Service Providers in New Zealand

    Staff Care​​​

    Face Fit

    Health Spectrum​​

    Chem Safety​​

    Loops Health and Safety​​

    Precise Consulting​

  • 3M Australia and New Zealand are also supporters of RESP-FIT (Australia) and Commit2Fit (New Zealand) which are industry Respirator Fit Testing Training and Accreditation programs which are operated by the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH) and New Zealand Occupational Hygiene Society (NZOHS)

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