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  • 傷の深さと滲出液の量でドレッシング材を使い分けましょう


  • 傷の深さと滲出液の量でドレッシング材を使い分けましょう



微生物検査製品 3M™ ペトリフィルム™ 培地
微生物検査製品 3M™ ペトリフィルム™ 培地

3M™ ペトリフィルム™ 培地のご紹介

3M™ ペトリフィルム™ 培地は、均一な乾式フィルム状のできあがり培地です。

3M™ ペトリフィルム™ 培地 迅速測定シリーズは従来の寒天培地※に比べて判定までの時間を50%短縮することができる製品です。
※参考:食品衛生検査指針 微生物編 改訂第2版 2018

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Residential Water Filtration Products
Separation and Purification Sciences


3M offers products and solutions worldwide through our Industrial & Water Business Unit, including Water Solutions, Industrial Filtration and Liqui-Cel® / Liqui-Flux® Filtration, and our Life Sciences & Integration Business, including Biopharmaceutical Purification, Medical & Industrial Membranes and Polymer Additives.

3M utilizes 3M manufacturing facilities around the world to serve our global customers, including those in the United States, Europe, Japan, Brazil, and Australia.

We have been in the filtration business for over 90 years and provide high quality filtration products to address challenging filtration processes in the Water, Industrial and Biopharmaceutical markets. Our technical experts are always ready to assist customers with their most challenging filtration problems.

Call us : 1800-425-3030

For filtration solutions related to Industrial & Pharmaceutical production & Food & Beverage manufacturing.

Dental Composites and Flowables

Easy to handle, with aesthetic results.


Deliver beauty and strength to every restoration

3M’s range of dental composite fillings is designed to bring dentists critical benefits such as versatility, aesthetics, strength and clinical confidence to any restorative procedure – anterior or posterior.

Depending on your handling or technique preferences, you can choose from a range of micro hybrid or nano hybrid composite resins, or step-up to 3M’s TRUE nanotechnology found in Filtek Z350 XT and Filtek One ranges. The nanocomposites deliver great aesthetics with the control and predictability that you depend on in your procedures.

Explore the different categories below to learn more about the benefits.

Types of dental composites

Back in the day, micro hybrids and nano hybrids offered a significant improvement over older microfills. Since then, 3M has raised the bar with composite resins that offer 3M TRUE nanotechnology, which enables dentists to deliver clinically-proven, long-lasting oral health and natural looking aesthetics to patients.

  • nanocomposite microscopic image

    3M’s TRUE nanofiller technology offers strength and aesthetics as its nanoclusters maintain a uniform and smooth surface as they wear.

  • nano hybrid composite resin microscopic image
    Nano hybrid composites

    Nano hybrids, like micro hybrids, have discrete large and small particles but they have a slightly lower average particle size. For universal use, but mostly on posterior teeth.

  • micro hybrid composite resin microscopic image
    Micro hybrid composites

    Micro hybrids utilise a blend of discrete large and small particles to increase the filler loading and provide strength and wear resistance. For universal use, but mostly on posterior teeth.