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Special Table Style 02


This table use the different colors and pictures for the column background, so we should not use the rTBL-50-HorizontalScroll, we can use rC-58 to adjust the code to finish the request.

    PC display:


    Mobile displays:



Example Display


Designed to help you detect more of the subtle sounds that could make a difference in diagnoses.

• Outstanding acoustic performance due to larger and deeper chestpiece

• Dual-lumen tubing eliminates the rubbing noise of traditional double tubes

• Tunable technology enables switching between hearing high- and low-frequency sounds without repositioning chestpiece

• For detailed diagnostic auscultation

Cardiology IV™ Stethoscope
Master Cardiology™ Stethoscope
cardiology iv stethoscope master cardiology stethoscope

High acoustic performance

Excellent sound isolation and acoustic seal

Double-sided chestpiece

Suitable for use on adult and pediatric patients


Warranty period (years)



*With a Special Procedures Adaptor

How to use?

  • Step

    Attention points:/ 此类表格没有特定样式,只需在设置表格样式时注意以下几点即可

    1. The table width need be set as 100%, so content will not exceed the screen size of the mobile phone. / 表格宽度要设置为100%,这样使移动端和PC端都能完全展示

    2. Write different style code if there is any different place between pc and mobile. / 如果PC端和移动端需要不同的展示效果,可以添加相应的代码