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Find an Installer Near You


Click the each part in the map, related place will dispaly in the below.

Example Display

How to use?

  • Steps

    1.Copy the related content in WCM. / 在后台中拷贝相关CSS, JS, templates文件至当前页面的后台相对位置
    ① CSS: English/Content/Group Sandbox/GDC_TrainingPortal/GDC_TrainingPortal_HomePage/Find_A_Dealer/CSS_SiteArea
    ② JS: English/Content/Group Sandbox/GDC_TrainingPortal/GDC_TrainingPortal_HomePage/Find_A_Dealer/JS_SiteArea
    ③ Template: English/Content/Group Sandbox/GDC_TrainingPortal/GDC_TrainingPortal_HomePage/Find_A_Dealer/rC-58-HTML-DealerMap/HTML_Templates

    2. Add rC-58-HTML DPL to page. / 在网页内添加rC-58-HTML这个DPL

    3. Copy the code from 'rC-58-HTML-DealerMap' in previous siteArea. / 将刚刚文件夹里面的 'rC-58-HTML-DealerMap' 中的代码复制到已创建好的DPL内。

    4. Modify the file reference path in copied code. / 修改代码中三个文件引用的路径,共三个,将其分别修改为第一步中完成拷贝本地路径。